Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Oppression, Racism, Dictatorship, Corruption, Denial of rights, Greed, Controlled Media

Good god. I really am having a writers bloc. Don't have really much to say now.

Merdeka. Are we there yet?

p/s: tired of hearing the same story of how UMNO got us merdeka. I'll post somewhere this month about the alternative history of merdeka. Then you'll understand when somebody says "History are half-truths. It just tells the story of the triumphed and left the relinquished untold"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sing-a-along everybody!

Alang2 aku dah tade idea nk post apape dlm blog ni,

Might as well aku post lagu menarik utk sesape yg lalu kat blog nih.

Hey, everyone of you guys must have a moment or two when you hear a song, it straight away blows you away, and you'll feel somewhat connected to it.

Sometimes the song doesn't have any connection but still, it gives you the grooves and make you sing-a-long in an instant. Your head feels like banging, hands tapping and body swinging.

It's been awhile I havent have a good feel listening to any song. come and sing-a-long everybody! =D


p/s: Oh shit she's a gold digger. Well, just thought you should know nigga!