Wednesday, March 31, 2010

National emergency!

This news just break in. Din Beramboi is in a state of coma and has admitted to Hospital Selayang for rat virus infection. link here

This is a sad news for all of us may we take a moment of silence for this one funny fellow, a malaysian true hero, giving smiles and cherry days every where he went, whatever show he is in. Laughter is the best medicine, and with all the laughter that you have given us, we hope that you come back strong and healthy!

Din Beramboi..we Malaysians from all walks of life, the poor the rich the young and the old, pray that you'll survive this ordeal and be all A-ok =)

Get well soon!

Pak Berahim

I have been following the PERKASA issue very close to the heart from the start.

Even before the establishment of PERKASA early this week, I have been following this chap Ibrahim Ali from the day he went "independent" (we all know theres no such thing as independent in politics, just people who wants their share licking BN's butt) to this very moment.

I flinched every time him or one of his konco appears in the media. I raged every time they made a statement. But today, this lovely morning, I drop dead LMAO (thats Laughing My Ass Off) watching this particular video of Al-Jazeera. watch this.

Theres two Malays in that video. can you spot the difference? one shows class and intellect, while the other only knows the word "shit". macam adnan sempit la ko! "banana dont fruit 'three' times" kah2!

Bloody hell. I want to write more, but hell, Im in a study mode. It is study week, my finals is just aroud the corner.

Serius tangan da gatal nk taip nih. Ive got a lot to say about those malay bigots. bloody racist mafaka.

Till then,wish me luck in my exams!cheerios.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adooi laaaaa...

One thing Ive learnt today;

"If an opportunity comes by rolling infront of you, quickly grab and grasp it closely, or someone might come and take it away. Delaying it wont get you anywhere. You'll regret it soon after."

Orang tu da call ko mintak confirm ko delay2 ape lg? kan dah kne review blk application!


Now I haf to wait and search again.

Ive learnt my lesson. Try to be more professional next time ok boy?!*sekeh pale sendiri*

p/s: This rule applies in any other part in your life. Tak kesah la opportunity apo pn, rezeki jgn ditolak!! tp b4 dat analyze the situation 1st la. One thing that differentiates a good and bad decision is by experience. and this one is a hell of an experience I wont ever forget.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Licence to kill

Hello, good morning and good night to all, where ever time zone you are in.

It’s been a rainy week in skudai right now; in fact it’s raining at the moment I write this post. After months of hot days we skudai people certainly deserve a nice chilled environment for once. Ahh, what a nice feeling to be woken up with cool air in your lungs. Refreshing indeed.

So postings are not as frequent as I was hoping, with a lot of assignments and projects, but I promised myself to write once a while so for today I would like to comment on the recent article I read on police violence.

I very much condemn police violence and in fact, I hate it very much. Not enough that police reputation are downgraded with reports of bribery and such, police violence is very much common in our beloved country, Malaysia. It made the highlights during street protests and demos. I personally made aware of this during Anwar’s Reformasi era 1998. As I follow the news and such, it made me loathe the fact that how people who try to organize a peaceful march can get seriously involved in police violence.

But that is another case. The issue that I’m trying to focus here is about the act of police shoot-to-kill conduct; ethical? Or just plain emotional. First read this article in The Nut Graph titled “Are the police shooting to kill?”

If there were a discussion on the police matters, I would certainly bash the whole lot. There’s no doubt about it. But when it comes to this, I just had to be in defense with the police. I will now start with my points

1. The police force, same as the military, is trained with strict regimental codes and conduct. Their everyday life are to obey orders and such, every action of the police are basically either by directly from the upper echelon officers or by the BOOK

2. When I mean the book, I mean like some sort of manual, guide or textbook. Every policeman will follow this doctrine to the details. Well this is very subjective as everyone has their own instinct to act as they wish to. But basically, every personnel will follow this code.

3. In terms of shooting, it is standard procedure to gun down an offensive armed suspect. Simple. If a suspect is in any way possess anything that can inflict harm in anyway be it firearms or sharp objects, and have intention to harm or kill the policeman, then a police may use a firearm to stop that suspect.

4. Yes of course, the policeman must use every means necessary before using a firearm like restraining orders and such, self defense mode and the use of non violent conduct.

5. "In the limited circumstances where shootings are warranted by law, suspects could be shot in the legs or arms and captured alive,"

6. But tell me bradder. What you will do when a suspect is running to you, flailing a parang violently at you? What about a suspect with guns, with all the attention shooting at you? Of course you will have to start to shoot back!

7. “Oh yeah, why didn’t the policeman aim for their hand or legs. Training tak cukup ka?” Oi bradder! You think it’s a walk in the park to aim a moving target let alone small areas like legs and hand? Furthermore, at an intense situation like that, you’ll need to act in a split second. Ever tried firing a gun before? Please don’t watch too many action movies ok? Bloody idiot.

8. “The police could consider other means of neutralising suspects, such as by using stun guns, tranquiliser shots or tear gas that are not lethal.”

9. Adoooi bro. Taser guns? First of all Malaysian police force did not yet fully apply to use tasers. Yes we bought them a couple units not long ago. But it is not fully practiced yet. You think we are a goddamn rich country like USA nk bgi sme personnel srg satu tasers? Gaji polis pn tak cukup ingat kerajaan bnyk duit nk bli?

So for me, I applaud the police for doing their good job in apprehending those criminals. Humans rights or not, they are all a waste of life after all. Kecik2 tanak mampos, dah besa mnyusah kan org. Mmg patut kne tembak pn.

But then again, yes “an inquest must be held to determine whether the police made any efforts to apprehend suspects alive. In the long run, a coroner's court should be set up to investigate all deaths involving the police.”  There should be check and balance for this to avoid such abuse of power.

At the end of the day, It’s all a matter of fixing the system right?

Midnight blues....

Sometimes, there will be times in your life that you’ll come across walls,
Walls which maybe thick or thin, large or small, tall or short.
Whatever type of wall you encounter, always inside yourself, is that mediocre feeling, that low self-esteem self that will hold u from going through these walls

“why risk yourself?” he said


We can never see the other side of the wall, other than finding the strength to climb over it
This wall may be big; we'll tumble half way from the top
And fall all d way to the ground
Your body crushed to that cold, hard floor.

It’ll hurt. It’ll hurt so bad that you’ll feel that all the pain in the world thrust upon u

But remember this, dear friend.
Things that that don’t kill us; Will only make us stronger.

So don’t worry about the outcome,
Worry what you will do to achieve the outcome
Whether you win or lose is not what you can expect
It’s that grand master plan of the All-knowing that will take place.

But you will and always will try your best in everything
To use all of your strength and effort,
For one thing that is called happiness.

For when the angels comes to write against your name, he writes, not that you attain that happiness or not, but how you lived your life to the fullest!

p/s: Dedicated to the person that I can proudly claim as my sister  =)

*That last part tribute to the RMC's sportsmen prayer

Sunday, March 7, 2010

From bandung, with love~

 You know after 3 years at UTM, I have found a couple of favourite spots for specific foods.

and just last week Ive just discovered that a new cafe that was established just a year ago, made the best mee bandung ive ever tasted.

D'tropika cafe just beside the big lake at the main entrance


p/s: Not the actual mee bandung!!

oh2...hooked with mee bandung~

next stop, Muar!