Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pak Berahim

I have been following the PERKASA issue very close to the heart from the start.

Even before the establishment of PERKASA early this week, I have been following this chap Ibrahim Ali from the day he went "independent" (we all know theres no such thing as independent in politics, just people who wants their share licking BN's butt) to this very moment.

I flinched every time him or one of his konco appears in the media. I raged every time they made a statement. But today, this lovely morning, I drop dead LMAO (thats Laughing My Ass Off) watching this particular video of Al-Jazeera. watch this.

Theres two Malays in that video. can you spot the difference? one shows class and intellect, while the other only knows the word "shit". macam adnan sempit la ko! "banana dont fruit 'three' times" kah2!

Bloody hell. I want to write more, but hell, Im in a study mode. It is study week, my finals is just aroud the corner.

Serius tangan da gatal nk taip nih. Ive got a lot to say about those malay bigots. bloody racist mafaka.

Till then,wish me luck in my exams!cheerios.

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