Sunday, March 7, 2010

From bandung, with love~

 You know after 3 years at UTM, I have found a couple of favourite spots for specific foods.

and just last week Ive just discovered that a new cafe that was established just a year ago, made the best mee bandung ive ever tasted.

D'tropika cafe just beside the big lake at the main entrance


p/s: Not the actual mee bandung!!

oh2...hooked with mee bandung~

next stop, Muar!


kay anis said...

wait for my own mee bandung. balik mesia nnt r :D ngeeeeee~~

JuJuAimaN said...

looking at the cafe itself, i doubt i'd ever eat there. tak meriah n nampak gloomy. u surprised me by this post.

ammo said...

anis: im waiting....huhu

juju: haha but did u kno its famous among utm staffs n lecturers? tp nice ar..the place quite comfy, either eat beside the lake with the nice scenery or inside, clean aircond n stuff...