Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adooi laaaaa...

One thing Ive learnt today;

"If an opportunity comes by rolling infront of you, quickly grab and grasp it closely, or someone might come and take it away. Delaying it wont get you anywhere. You'll regret it soon after."

Orang tu da call ko mintak confirm ko delay2 ape lg? kan dah kne review blk application!


Now I haf to wait and search again.

Ive learnt my lesson. Try to be more professional next time ok boy?!*sekeh pale sendiri*

p/s: This rule applies in any other part in your life. Tak kesah la opportunity apo pn, rezeki jgn ditolak!! tp b4 dat analyze the situation 1st la. One thing that differentiates a good and bad decision is by experience. and this one is a hell of an experience I wont ever forget.


kay anis said...

ni pasal offer kat damansara tu ke bro?

ammo said...

ho leeeee =(

kay anis said...

lerhhh~ ape cer?

ammo said...

YM2 =)

si hitam maness said...

haha...blh plak melepas unlucky..

so how?it's final week already..i've confirmed mine..neither both company i've mention..(-_-''

ammo said...

new update.

aku tak melepas after all =)just got transferred to a better place.

agak2 HR tuh annoyed aku call die byk kali kot.huhu

sejak ble la ko nih hitam manis nih? hitam btol2 bru tau

si hitam maness said...


sbb kalo ak letak nama si putih gebu nti rmai sgt org ngurat.bahahah

si hitam maness said...