Thursday, August 25, 2011

Posting for the sake of posting.ngehehe

Don't blame me. Blame twitter for introducing micro-blogging. It seems more fun reading the thoughts of random people in short sentences and the plus point, you can have instant replies with them. Plus, imma bit lazier than usual these recent times, twitter would enable me to post just quick and impromptu thoughts. Theres also these things called #twtup wheres its an abbreviation of tweetup @ meet up with twitter people. Meet random people and socialise! =)

Other updates, I've been active with social activism =). There's these group of people who are passionate about current issues, social justice and concern about whats the going on in Malaysia. Its nice to get to know, again, random people who have the same brainwaves as me who are passionate with issues and stuff. They came from all sorts of socio-economic background, multi-racial, each and everyone of them have their own ideas,  philosophy and principles that they hold on to. Whats better is that not only i am well informed with current issues etc, these people are also active in charities and the arts scene n stuff.

I've got an invitation to b a volunteer at a concert with SUM41 innit! woorrghh! cant wait. SUM41 koooot! the first punk rock band I loved! ya, i know, they are not proper punk bands. But without them I wudnt know punk at all aite?

Oh ya, you lose friends, you gain some. Can't expect to satisfy everyone wud ya?