Monday, April 16, 2012

Occupy Dataran

I believe that if you are not living under the rock for the past week, obviously you have heard about these raunchy mahasiswa group doing a street protest, follows by an encampment at Dataran Merdeka pursuing for “Mansuhkan PTPTN”. At the same time, out of nowhere, Occupy Dataran comes to light. I got intrigued at first, how does the Occupy Dataran movement got involved with this mahasiswa group? Did they join and chip in with the cause or what?
But in the light of people are starting to aware of Occupy Dataran movement and the mahasiswa group’s demand, a lot of negative views have been highlighted in this issue and as a fellow occupier, I felt very insulted. So here goes what I have to say about it. This is what I posted in my FB status.

"You can only talk shit, when you know shit. You can talk about how unruly these kids are, or how rebel these activist are, making a fuss about things, want all things free. "Budak2 buang masa lepak dataran". You can say what ever you want to say. But you dont even know what they are doing, what they did and what they are planning to do. Just by watching videos from your comfort home. Oh how judgmental pricks you are.

The spirit of Occupy Dataran is not making a fuss or create chaos. The spirit of Occupy Dataran is educating oneself, the spirit of discussion, learning how to appreciate others opinions. Its a movement to "redefine democratic participation beyond representative democracy, and imagine a new political culture beyond race, ideology and political affiliation"

Occupy Dataran is not only the assembly itself. Its the forums, the talks, the "Universiti Rakyat", the "Pasar Percuma", the classes, the debates, the arts, the musics, the foods, the relationship that bonds between fellow occupiers. We occupy not because we want to break the law. We occupy because we embrace the spirit of the constitution itself. We occupy because we appreciate the relationship that we have as human beings. We occupy because we want to learn to understand about each others.

You can say what you want to say, but if you dont even step to the ground, and experience what Occupy Dataran really is, then your words are nothing to me."

Excuse those grammar and typo errors. Its a direct copy paste and I wrote the piece during an emotional state. The thing is, why do people quick to be judgmental about others, when they don’t even see what is really happening and understand the issue all together. I am not going to comment on the mahasiswa group but I do have a say about Occupy Dataran. First of all do they actually know what Occupy Dataran is all about?

For those who didn’t know what Occupy Dataran is, please at least google. Here’s a wikipedia link There you go. The second step is, just get your lazy bumps from the comfort of your chairs, your couches, your beds, and come down to Dataran Merdeka and see what these people are doing.

The thing is, if you just go to the assembly once and try to embrace and understand what we do, you wont think bad about it at all. Its addictive and informative, you would want to come every week. FYI, Occupy Dataran started its first assembly on 30 July 2011, and never miss one single assembly every week since. I was the 1st occupier and went to the assembly every now and then but have stopped going since I’ve got other commitment to do. Since then, I’ve made friends. I’ve gain knowledge. I’ve learnt how to debate, deliberate and discuss issues. I’ve learnt how to accept differences of opinions. I’ve learnt how to agree to disagree and best of all, I’ve come to appreciate the kind of bond that were made with random people, good hearted men and women of all races, from different socio-economic background, of all ages.

I think the the most important lesson of all that I learnt at Occupy Dataran is, to embrace the differences of others and to find that common ground, that one thing that binds us and that is, we are one human being. We are the same.
I don’t believe that Occupy Dataran can make a direct change. I don’t believe that Occupy Dataran will promote world peace and eliminate world hunger. No. But I believe that this movement is an experimentation and a counter culture to the system and to the current status quo that we are living in. I believe that this movement with all its spirit and participation from all people from all races, from all religion, from all gender, from all socio-economic background and from all ages can bring us together united albeit with difference of ideologies and way of thinking, learning from each other and accepting diversity. I believe that we can sit together, lepak and spend overnight under the blanket of black sky and stars and dream together for a better future, for a better society. Till then I just want to say, I’m 100% in solidarity with Occupy Dataran. God speed fellow occupiers. I bid you guys well. Salam.

Aizat Mokhtar,
Proud occupier from the 1st assembly

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Posting for the sake of posting.ngehehe

Don't blame me. Blame twitter for introducing micro-blogging. It seems more fun reading the thoughts of random people in short sentences and the plus point, you can have instant replies with them. Plus, imma bit lazier than usual these recent times, twitter would enable me to post just quick and impromptu thoughts. Theres also these things called #twtup wheres its an abbreviation of tweetup @ meet up with twitter people. Meet random people and socialise! =)

Other updates, I've been active with social activism =). There's these group of people who are passionate about current issues, social justice and concern about whats the going on in Malaysia. Its nice to get to know, again, random people who have the same brainwaves as me who are passionate with issues and stuff. They came from all sorts of socio-economic background, multi-racial, each and everyone of them have their own ideas,  philosophy and principles that they hold on to. Whats better is that not only i am well informed with current issues etc, these people are also active in charities and the arts scene n stuff.

I've got an invitation to b a volunteer at a concert with SUM41 innit! woorrghh! cant wait. SUM41 koooot! the first punk rock band I loved! ya, i know, they are not proper punk bands. But without them I wudnt know punk at all aite?

Oh ya, you lose friends, you gain some. Can't expect to satisfy everyone wud ya?


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Why is it that we always associate the left side is always wrong?

Left handed people are said to be the devils advocate.

Left-leaning ideologies are evil.

Left is a sign of bad luck.

Well its becoming a norm since the creation of mankind to discriminate people and distinguish them by different sects or cultures or abilities or even in this case, ideologies.

Who determines whats wrong or whats right? Do we have the rights to say that I am wrong and U are right? When religion comes into play, yes the only one that is truly omnipotent and omniscient with limitless vast of knowledge is GOD. But who said that u can be a representative of Him and say that He approve of what u say and U are right?

I believe that each and every one of us are entitled to our own beliefs, our own faith, our own opinions, our own ideologies, our own thoughts, our own perspectives, our own philosophies and that we are absolutely unique for each and every way and that every one have their own mind as a result of our own experience, motivation, agenda, knowledge, and influences.

Therefore I ask again. What is right and what is wrong? I believe that people should not be indoctrinated by other people or figures or ideologies as we have the god damn rights to our own beliefs. Knowledge is vast and absolute. Therefore one should not be satisfied for what they know till to their graves. Prophet Muhammad said that PBUH.

Back to the first question, why is it that we always associate the left side is always wrong? When we talk about ideologies, in terms of Karl Marx and Socialism, the image are always Hitler, Nazism, Anger, Hatred, Mother Russia, Bad, Evil, Fascist.

But do u even read about socialism? do u even research about it? Or do u just accept what America told u? That capitalism is good, democracy is the way, consumerism benefits all, privatization induces growth, debt with interest is a norm and etc.?

I found out that when u are a Muslim, and while u talk about zakat, zuhudism, committing to God, humbleness, simplicity, justice, kesamarataan, take whats only yours and give some to the poor, riba is the worst sin etc and at the same breath u allow and agree to all those things that capitalism approve of, then I would say that u r a genuine, certified, bona fied ,trully pure, bloody hypocrite.

As an engineering student I just couldn't compute.

I am just saying that, as a human being, we are entitled to our own beliefs. Therefore nothing can indoctrinated me. I admit that I have a left leaning ideology, but that doesn't mean I enslave my mind to that ideology. I am still learning. The world are just beginning to weight itself on me, and I am only on the way to the enlightening path. I will not commit myself to one ideology, I will be open to all.

I will be open to debates and discussion and if I am wrong, I am open to be corrected but please let me remind u, I am entitled to my opinions therefore let us agree to disagree shall we?

I am a Muslim, therefore I would act as one. As a Muslim, I was told that the first word that our Prophet Muhammad received is Iqra' meaning "read". and I should not follow others (angguk, tunduk, patuh). I must stand up for what I believe in and search for knowledge and true guidance. and let Allah lead the way.

p/s: In all honesty, I would like for everyone who reads this to not agree with me and spark the skeptic in u to initiate discussions and research so that if I am wrong, please do correct me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ignorant much

Did u know that regarding Petronas, theres only 2 person in the whole wide world that knows the income and the outcome of its financial status? The 2 person are Petronas CEO and our very own Malaysian Prime Minister. That means currently only Datuk Shamsul Azhar Abbas and Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Razak knows the cashflow of Petronas.
So, did you know that only the Prime minister and its CEO have the power to control Petronas spending and whatnot? therefore controlling its spending on projects, operations and the SALARY/BONUSES of its staff?

So regarding on what u said yesterday on "I dont care on who is the next prime minister, or when is the general election is because they dont pay my salary as long as I can live my life as it were", I would conclude that, u are so very dumbfoundedly bloody astoundingly astonishingly astronomically legendarily......stupid.
and yeah. it does effect your life. so for u to arrogantly saying that u dont care and proud to be that ignorant is such a waste of your god given bright mind and great skills.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm feeling butterflies, but I'm not sure whether its a lie.

So I chose to ignore and walk straight ahead, though I'll catch a glimpse or two

straighten up o' jack!  hey, whatddya really want?

It's ok, cause its nice to have that feeling again. =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011


Life as a youth is awesome!

Futsal, teh tarik sessions, EPL weekend, travelling.

But whats all that when ure alone aite?

Friends far and near. Keep close to me. Keep close to my heart. Cause your the best thing that ever happen to me apart from my family.

I dont care how my future will unfold. Whether money, fame or position is there waiting for me at the end. But all I want until the day I die, hundreds of soul are touched by mine. and even if we brushed through this life in just a brief of time, we are affected by each other, and please keep in mind that I will always have pieces of you inside me.