Friday, April 8, 2011


Life as a youth is awesome!

Futsal, teh tarik sessions, EPL weekend, travelling.

But whats all that when ure alone aite?

Friends far and near. Keep close to me. Keep close to my heart. Cause your the best thing that ever happen to me apart from my family.

I dont care how my future will unfold. Whether money, fame or position is there waiting for me at the end. But all I want until the day I die, hundreds of soul are touched by mine. and even if we brushed through this life in just a brief of time, we are affected by each other, and please keep in mind that I will always have pieces of you inside me.


zille said...

Dude, ini touching. Kawan-kawan kamu patut nersyukur ada kamu sebagai kawan mereka. Seriously, true friends are hard to find. Kawan-kawan untuk gelak-gelak suka-suka ngurat-ngurat awek boleh jumpa sepah-sepah. Bila kita susah, cuba tengok berapa kerat je yang still standing beside us? As for me, I really grateful for having my sisters by my side through thick and thin.

ammo said...

zille. hope I touched yours =)

Eyn said...

sweet!! Aku stuju dengan ko! Sebab, aku rasa aku enjoy life to the fullest sebab ada kawan2..=)

zille said...

you did :)

farah_hanani said...

yes i agree. keep close of who your friends are. sorang pun takpe. quality vs quantity. seriously macam jumpa harta karun when you see true friend. true friend taktau apa tu dengki, bagi makan bila you lapar, bila sedih nangis dtg ketuk pintu rumah you, sblm exam pegi check your mental health state. SubhanAllah, memang serious, kalau jumpa , simpan bila2. kalau jumpa yang perempuan kahwin. LOL. serious doh sometimes i wish my bets friend i s a guy so i can kahwin( not in THAT way, just qualities you look for about someone that can be there for you susah senang). senang takyah nak cari lagi dah/