Friday, June 3, 2011

Ignorant much

Did u know that regarding Petronas, theres only 2 person in the whole wide world that knows the income and the outcome of its financial status? The 2 person are Petronas CEO and our very own Malaysian Prime Minister. That means currently only Datuk Shamsul Azhar Abbas and Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Razak knows the cashflow of Petronas.
So, did you know that only the Prime minister and its CEO have the power to control Petronas spending and whatnot? therefore controlling its spending on projects, operations and the SALARY/BONUSES of its staff?

So regarding on what u said yesterday on "I dont care on who is the next prime minister, or when is the general election is because they dont pay my salary as long as I can live my life as it were", I would conclude that, u are so very dumbfoundedly bloody astoundingly astonishingly astronomically legendarily......stupid.
and yeah. it does effect your life. so for u to arrogantly saying that u dont care and proud to be that ignorant is such a waste of your god given bright mind and great skills.


Anonymous said...

that's a bloody hell long stupid dude...haha

eeqa~ said...

every vote is count. :-)

ammo said...

eeqa: I dont mind ppl who dont vote. bcos we can make a difference other than elections. its more about knowledge and concern about current issues that effect other ppl lives. u may live happily, but other ppl suffers