Wednesday, March 31, 2010

National emergency!

This news just break in. Din Beramboi is in a state of coma and has admitted to Hospital Selayang for rat virus infection. link here

This is a sad news for all of us may we take a moment of silence for this one funny fellow, a malaysian true hero, giving smiles and cherry days every where he went, whatever show he is in. Laughter is the best medicine, and with all the laughter that you have given us, we hope that you come back strong and healthy!

Din Beramboi..we Malaysians from all walks of life, the poor the rich the young and the old, pray that you'll survive this ordeal and be all A-ok =)

Get well soon!


fatehah noorani said...

ohmygod when did this happen? rasa macam baru dengar dia kat radio the other day..

Mohd said...

u heard it on the other day, but there is no jokes from him today

ammo said...

Yesterday la kot. It came on the news 2day. hadoooih sedeyh weh..spe lg nk geng ngan afdlin wat muvi klaka yg berkualiti lg pasni. takkan nk tgk adnan sempit 2 kot.ooooh!

kay anis said...