Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Midnight blues....

Sometimes, there will be times in your life that you’ll come across walls,
Walls which maybe thick or thin, large or small, tall or short.
Whatever type of wall you encounter, always inside yourself, is that mediocre feeling, that low self-esteem self that will hold u from going through these walls

“why risk yourself?” he said


We can never see the other side of the wall, other than finding the strength to climb over it
This wall may be big; we'll tumble half way from the top
And fall all d way to the ground
Your body crushed to that cold, hard floor.

It’ll hurt. It’ll hurt so bad that you’ll feel that all the pain in the world thrust upon u

But remember this, dear friend.
Things that that don’t kill us; Will only make us stronger.

So don’t worry about the outcome,
Worry what you will do to achieve the outcome
Whether you win or lose is not what you can expect
It’s that grand master plan of the All-knowing that will take place.

But you will and always will try your best in everything
To use all of your strength and effort,
For one thing that is called happiness.

For when the angels comes to write against your name, he writes, not that you attain that happiness or not, but how you lived your life to the fullest!

p/s: Dedicated to the person that I can proudly claim as my sister  =)

*That last part tribute to the RMC's sportsmen prayer

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kay anis said...

thanx like a million times bro ♥