Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ultimate Purpose of Life

I shed my manly tears for this =(

We live our life with joy and prosperity, 
with friends and families.
We have our own home to stay in to,
 food to feed to,
toys to play with,
technology for entertainment and work.

But we live our lives in ignorance, 
not knowing how other people of other community lives.
Do they live their lives the same as we do?
Do they have food to feed?
Toys to play with?
Home to stay?

What is our ultimate purpose of life?
Most of us say,
I want to learn in the university and graduate.
I want to get a job with a good salary.
I want to find a beautiful girl and get married.
I wanna have children and grand children.
I wanna die peacefully with my families all around me.

But is it enough just to do that?
Is is enough if we pray 5 times a day,
be an obedient slave of God,
follow our religion principles, 
but we neglect our society's plight?

Didn't God ask us to be passionate?
Didn't religion teaches us to be kind thy neighbors and cherish them,
protect them even if it costs your life?
Didn't our prophets told us that charity is a way through heaven?

So I ask once again to my friends and families,
what is our ultimate purpose of life?
What have we done to the community? 

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hazel darwisya said...

Serius menginsafkan. Will do something about this in the future. X merungut dah pasni.