Saturday, June 5, 2010


I will be away next week.

Yup. One whole week deprive of internet. no FB, Twitter, emails.


For those who dont know me, I'll be commissioned to the rank of 2nd lieutenant on 12th June 2010. After 3 years of training in Reserve Officer Training Unit, finally I'll graduate as an officer.

But theres a catch. I've done something really bad last week and created some problem with a young officer.

So, whatever the outcome maybe, I will stand up with pride and honor. Because thats what being an OP is all about. Thats what RMC have taught me. Be a gentleman and hold your integrity. I will not go down without a fight.

Till another post, toodles

p/s: penat jd photographer for my cuzen's wedding today. congrats MOHD AZFAR ARIFF and NUR ATIQAH! welcome to the family and may you guys have a happy long lasting relationship!=)


eLshutterbug said...

palap o palap.. congratez..

farah_hanani said...

pukul budak ke pisang? ( best jugak guna ni ye)

ammo said...

nani: tak. lawan officer, so aku kne yg kne blasah abis abisan seminggu lps.huhu

tapi watever it is proud gila dah commission jd 2nd lieutenant. The feeling is just d same mse grad from RMC. Bond dgn squad kuat gile till the end. ill make another post for that.huhu

farah_hanani said...

2nd lieutenant tu analoginya apa? (ye, saya tak arif langsung bab tentera ni).maknanya you boss squad la?

macam big deal so omedetou~

ammo said...

its a big deal la heee..

I am now an army officer.huhu.2nd lieutenant is the lowest rank in the officer's club.comprende'?

to give it more clear, have you heard of WATANIAH?its the reserve officer army. some call it territorial army. Im in that service la now. after 3 years of training now I already commissioned(graduated) and become an army officer.but part time only lorh