Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Morning gloom

Sequel to midnight blues

No matter how many times you stumble,
You will always get back up!

Nobody is worth more than yourself.
Don't put yourself lower then him.
Because deep down inside you are better than him.You know that.

Will you submit, will you surrender, will you bow down, will you admit defeat?

Or will you stand up for your self, rise and be strong, be independent and lead your life by your own rules and make decisions base on your own choice.

Nobody can take care of you but yourself.
But remember, there are those who care about you,
that will cordially assist you on your way up.
you dont have to ask, you dont have to beg.
you just have to open up and let it be.

These people are the ones who will walk by your side along the steps of your life.
Don't be a fool, and don't be arrogant.
You need them and they need you too.
So open up, and let them into your life as you enter their lives too.
Families, friends, strangers. no matter who they are.
you must always find kindness inside them and cherish them
and that is the way of life.

always be kind to others even to our enemies.
because the more hatred you have, the lower you put yourself.
As you take positive on everything that happens to you,
and let happiness colour your life.
I promise you, you will feel the ultimate freedom!

p/s: Be strong adik!


khaleela anis said...


nur hidayah bohari said...

saya suke!
very down3~ dis morning...
thanx pisang!

Anonymous said...

thanx tau2 je..mkn dlam dol,huhu~ trying so hard 4 that,emm~

eLshutterbug said...

ko nieh asl?

ammo said...

tade kene mengene ngan ko eL.booooo.oi jom tangkap gambo

khaleela anis said...

u're the best bro.. thnx a lot. like a million times ;')

L? said...

haha...nie ker yg didedahkan waktu welcome party???nice word....mmg btol pon pe yg ko tulis....dendam xkemane, salurkan gune care yg lain, care yg tidak dapat diistilahkan(xdpt dirungkaikan) penjenayah lak aku nie...haha

ammo said...

wei tade kene mengene ngan ROTU psl adik aku.die tgh sdeyh so aku bg lakate2 smgt kat die.

tp still bley kait gak la ngan kte.haha.nati aku buat post special nye utk batch 18

Anonymous said...