Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm hooked

I'm hooked.....

with this song! hoho

Its a breakup song, for peeps who just going through a break up.

Nice....because why? I like the part when he sings

"It's alright (It's alright) cause you can try but you'll never keep me down
It's alright (It's alright) I may be lost but you'll never keep me down
You can try (you can try) you can try but you'll never keep me down
You cant try (you can try) I know i'm lost but I'm waiting to be found"

Thats the spirit! Thats the way to be positive!

When people treat you like shit, you dont' get fucked up and be gloomy. You get even instead!

Life as a teenager is so short to be sad. Enjoy life! Enjoy freedom while you can!

Its a worthwhile experience to be enjoyed with FRIENDS

Yeah you can wait for a knight in a shining armor to catch you before you fall, or a beautiful princess to drop her silken tissue for you to pick up for her..

But hell no, I'll not waste my time to wait for anyone!

Because I believe in fate. I believe in destiny. and when the right time comes, Allah will surely meet me with someone that completes me.

For i am now incomplete. I am just a "quarter". but before i can be "half" and connect with my other "half", I'll cherish this life, fulfill my duties as a SON and a STUDENT, grab all the opportunities that i can get, absorb the experience that I can learn and finally become "half" to be united with my soulmate.

my life is already complete with friends and family to hold me up!

Its a fuckin disgrace for your friends and family if you are sad because of someone thats only be with you for a shortwhile in your life, even its a 3-4 years of relationship. think about it. sape lagi lame kenal dan sayang kamu, dalam dan luar kamu? who's always with you for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part?

seriously. guys. get a life!

p/s: When I get sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead.
p/s/s: Quote: Barney Stinson


kenwooi said...

barney stinson is awesome! =D

ammo said...

right2?haha...he's like a legen....wai for it..... DARY!

Farid bin Aspar said...

bgs la.. utk orng2 yg tertentu nie...
give spirit right? hehee

Klau ada jodoh, tak ke mana.. Insya-Allah..
tp kene gak usaha.. hehee =D

suhaisweet said...

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suhaisweet said...

Haha..nice..My weekend special for u..don’t laugh Check Here