Sunday, July 4, 2010

Letter for my brother, Azizi

Hey bro,

Congratulations on your admittance to UDM. Now you are called a MAHASISWA, embarking to a new journey into a whole new world. This world may be alien to you, you may suffer a culture shock; a condition that is normal for any teenager.

But dont be afraid. This feeling is just a feeling. It will go away in a few weeks time, where you'll get adjusted. you'll get accustomed with the culture, hostel life. Yes, you will get homesick once a while. but that will only shows that you still have a loving place in your hearth that is called home.

You will find new friends. some are nice, some may be a little wicked to you. learn to get along with everyone. learn and observe those people around you. learn their behavior. you can trust them but be aware and alert. so that people will not stomp you down and take advantage of you. life is like a discovery channel. its a survival of the fittest!

Remember the day that we sent you to UDM. how abah restlessly try to make your 1st day at UDM a perfect one. Equip you with everything you need without missing anything. making sure that everything is complete once you arrive there. without having you buy your necessaries on your own. Remember how mama cried when she give you a hug for the last time. Its a sign that she is truly worried about you, because she has never leave a sight on you since your birth. this is the 1st time you leave home. remember that! and always remember this so that it will give you strength to be the best in UDM. Harapan; hope of our parents lies on you. for you to become successful one day with UDM as the ticket for you.

Learn learn and learn. Never get tired of learning. Academic is the utmost important, as with knowledge you will be held high regard in society, everywhere. learning is not by books only. learn about everything! learn how to command, learn how to survive, learn how to love and cherish, learn to be the best of friends, best of student, best of a human being. learn how to communicate. learn how to conduct events. participate any activities any societies. flourish yourself with these kinda things so that you will be equipped mentally and physically. through these things, you will find the best of friends that you can trust, you will find the best of experience that you can gain that you will never forget.

Dont waste your time with something foolish. do something random, something eccentric once in a while. we are teenagers. we are supposed to be rebellions. we learn from mistakes. what i mean something foolish is not doing anything! always try! try to do anything. theres no such thing as right or wrong when u are a student. but  if you found out that what you are doing is wrong, take it as example and never do it again. to never fail is stupid! never be afraid of failing. and dont hold yourself to do anything. just do it! with 100 of fails, you'll come across a success that is so sweet you'll cherish the experience.

Just remember, life in uni is about having fun. dont be too rigid, and too strict and stiff. be flexible instead. and always be positive. I know that you have your own ideals and principle. I believe that you can do it. Do your best because this is the only chance that you can prove to mama and abah, and make them proud. But remember. your journey will not stop short here. you have a long way to go. Research on you path in the future. so that you will know to plan for your future.

I guess that is all I can say. Good luck brother. and godspeed. You are the hope of our parents. We 3 brothers have our own ideals and characteristics. you have one special ability in you that differs form me and abg jim. therefore you must also succeed so that you can use your ability for the betterment of the society, ummah in general.

Your brother

p/s: wrote this with teary eyes.


khaleela anis said...

me loike~

Belongs to: Hana Ishak said...

Aww..Was reading this with teary eyes..

Talking about homesick, I remembered being very homesick during MRSM time. That was my first time being away from home..And I was bad at coping with that.

Jiji would be fine, insyaallah..