Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Encouraging words

Something that was said to me yesterday made me proud and confident of myself;

"I like your style Aizat.I'm quite impressed by you. The way you promote your ideas and discuss it, how aware of you towards issues and such. because not many young people are like you. I think you should be a politician and join putera UMNO. We need progressive young minds like you la to be the administrator of this country. why not kan? we never know. But I guess for me you should keep your grades up. Because with what ever you have right now I think I have no problem on recruiting you. Just make a lot of networks, keep your contacts with the managers and engineers and you'll do great."

p/s: not really the exact words she said. but at least it sounded more or less like that =p
p/s/s: semangat UP! hehe. what came out as a controversy leads to something much better.huha. =)
p/s/s/s: I felt quite irked when she say putera UMNO. nevertheless i take it as a compliment.hehe


Hyattie Mahali said...

perghh...mantap siot kwan aku sorang nih...bravo2

farahhanani said...

halamak ,
nak kene kawan baik2 dgn ammo ni. mane tau jadi YB. :P

farahhanani said...

halamak ,
nak kene kawan baik2 dgn ammo ni. mane tau jadi YB. :P

ammo said...

haha dah takyah mengmpu. Im just gonna be a normal engineer, the one who is the prime-mover of this country,

while in his leisure time lepaking at mamak stall with his friends talking about current issues and still slams the government eventho it changes every 4 years.

wakdanial said...

haa.. ape lagi..enroll la jadi Putera UMNO!! hahahahaha..lawak2!