Sunday, May 2, 2010

So much to write, so little time...

Huhu..its been awhile I haven't updated anything..I'm sorry guys I've just been busy.

Got loads of ideas drafted to write but i just got no time. I have just started my internship last week. Daily routine  are waking up at 5.30, back at home around 8 and sleep at 12. I never thought working daily in office is just so tiring, even working at office in aircond and not actually doing anything. Its just that daily routine makes you tire and when you arrive home you just wanna lie on your bed and go to sleep. The cycle is just the same everyday. wake up, go to work, back home and sleep.

Streamyx are just so fukken irritating. At one time the connection is ok, Then the next u cant even open google. rupenye ade prob cable ke po tah, seminggu mmg takley surf. nsb bek skang bley on9. dats why bru skang nk update blog hehe.

So maybe after this if got time, I'll update about my internship process n all. I also still didn't do the "7 things you should know about me" that makhluk aneh tagged me. so much to write, so little time.huhu

till then, toodles! =D


edoraemon said...

abg jat!~
nanti kalo dah free
wajib buat tuh!
dan jawapan abg jat mesti lagi aneh dari saya.

kay anis said...

faz,aku nk join antisocial club gak weyh~ no fb nimore ;P

edoraemon said...

jom! sampai exam!