Monday, April 26, 2010


Its the first day of internship and I'm very nervous


What to do??

Should I just say to the receptionist, "kak I'm here for my 1st day of internship. Sila beri tunjuk ajar"

Huah2. Just one thing explains my feeling right now.


Well, come to think of of it, every single 91 of my batch is currently going through the same thing and probably more nervous than I am, so why don't I just go with the flow, and take the ride. chill la dude!

good luck to me! do your best! =)

p/s: The 1st thing I did when I woke up, I check my FB n den post this blog. what a geek -.-"


Eyn said...

gewd luck with ur intern junior, all the best!!

ammo said...

thanks senior!hoho