Saturday, April 3, 2010


1) Alhamdulillah, praise be to god almighty, for he has given us sufficient wealth, health and the will to live on.

2) Alhamdulillah, setel dah internship hunting aku. For now just have to prepare mentally, physically and equip myself the urge to learn and gain experience. Agak chuak thinking of the days that lies ahead, cos cant expect at all what will happen, how will I act n such, but like ppl always said, just be yourself and you'll be just fine.*or am I?* sometimes ppl say dat being myself is kinda annoying. haha. Scomi here I come!

3) Alhamdulillah, setel dah 1st stage Final Year Project aku, that is finding a supervisor lecturer. Thanks Prof. Dr. Nawi Derahman for accepting me as one of the three students you choose to supervise. You have always been like a father figure for me since my first class with you during my 1st year. I look up to you sir, and always feel jealous of how you've lived your life. How I wish I can imitate you in any way, the way you talk, the way you made british jokes, the way you can intelligently discuss on anything.

For now, I just have to learn reservoir simulation and the Eclipse software. It is something totally alien to me, but I have to struggle extra hard to achieve taht success.*tu la sape suroh gatal sgt nk wat simulation. org len wat lab kan sng ngeng!* but it is my choice to do something unique rather than ordinary.

4) So now, there is only one thing left before i proceed to those things. Finals!

6/4 Petroleum Geology
7/4 Writing for Specific Purposes
9/4 Well Completion
14/4 Gas Engineering
17/4 Production Engineering
20/4 Evaluation and Management of Petroleum Projects

5 papers in 2 weeks and loads of chapters to cover. Good luck 3-SKPians. May the force be with you!

"Oh Allah, make me a better man. Make me a better fighter. For I let the outcome to your own judgement, least I struggle and make the best out of everything. Make me hunger for knowledge, and equip me with the appropriate skills to become a wise leader that bows for no other than you. Ameen"


Count Byron said...

Wowwww....Aizat it is such an mammoth surprise to see u having this blog! Well done.
I am humbled by your praises. Thank you. And for me, I like you since day 1 I taught your class. Your ideas and thoughts were sharp and you do have a great way with ageing person like me.

I am very sure you are going to enjoy the simulation project, as much, if not more, than your colleagues who had chosen the experimental route to achieve their PSMs.

For now, enjoy SCOMI.. and keep an eye on any material related to simulation.

Good luck in your finals.

fatehah noorani said...

Stress tengok ko cakap pasal intern.. aku tak dapat kata putus dari mane2 hospital lagi ;(

Good luck in your finals!

ammo said...

Prof: thanks. your words are always specially crafted and enlighten.

Fatehah: hehe chill. aku nih nsb bek je.usaha lbey cket. haf you try go directly to their management?

for the least ko bley je try hospital 1malaysia. I heard they are in desperate need of staff.hohohoho

fatehah noorani said...

Oh ada ke hospital 1malaysia..? I thought ada klinik 1 malaysia je~

sebab LI start bulan 5, so they all tak bagi confirmation lagi.. kalau dapat kat jb takpe la, senang cari accomodation sumer.. kalau negeri lain, I think parah juga =\

ayep said...

pisang...1st time aku bc blog ko..menarik2...hehe..aku nk tau cite pasal din beramboi, aku bc gak lol yg laen..hehe..nice pg lol!!!

farahhanani said...

intern mana???

ammo said...

nani: I got my intern at Scomi =)nasib je tuh. =D