Monday, April 5, 2010

A little less friendly

as of 1600 hours, 05 April 2010 I a just another snobby teenager who doesn't like to be friend with others or am I just plain curious....


Dont get me wrong. I like expanding my networks. I love to make friends. But dontcha think that this is just a lil bit too exaggerating of your popularity? I mean, I dont think that I have the slightest idea who are 1/7 of these so called "friends"

Whats the point of adding friends if you dont even bother to know who they are and have no connection with each other? At least some people add friends because they got one or two mutual friends thats fine. They can relate with each other and maybe share stories about that mutual friend. Maybe studies in the same college that is also good. Its networking. But what are we gonna do with these people who randomly adds people and then have no idea what to do next? You dont know who they are, and then have no plans at all to get to know you then whats the point?

Technology does mess up the whole idea of being friends. lets go back to the good ol days! =)

Hurm... gotta go through "spring cleaning" of friend list. huhu

p/s: blame it on the testosterones. a horde of the "I dont know who" are females who just loved adding me as their FB friends. the cute ones I add la. huhu. True story.
p/s/s: Ini bukan cubaan utk mencapap. jus another story to share. True story.
p/s/s/s: Anis, sape lg HOT skang?hoho


crazymadgurl said...

dude..they are teenagers.. i mean what else they do? ~lol~

kay anis said...

menggelabah babun la abg jat nih.. bajet hot!! haha!!

ammo said...

crazymadgurl: haha desperate teenagers. thats wat ill say.kui2

anis: eleyh..die tuh bajet hot tak kire plak..lagi la plak lbey2.hehe

si hitam maness said...

haha..bajet gila...yela,hot..tough..hensem..pandai..

ammo said...

ateng: ko mmg sgt jujur.time kasih

farahhanani said...

haha well played, mr ammo,

show off yang u hot tapi konon marah hahahaha.


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