Friday, April 16, 2010

Study = Tensen

Hi guys, I'm back again..hoho...It feels like its been awhile already since I last updated my blog. *Tangan gatal nk update tapi apekan daya, tgh finals niiiih!* Serious...dlm draft da ade bnyk gak topic nk tulis *draft la sgt, just topic or article yg rse2 cam nk kupas je*. tapi priority utk study FB tetap no 1 *ehem2*.

As the title shown, I will write about the reality of exam month. The D-day. The Big One. What I will show you will shock you. but I can guarentee you that this is the reality. dont say that "hey, youre the only one who have this kind of symptoms" NO! This is what everyone is experiencing so, headshot kat kepale sendri ok?hoho.This post will be quite long, but I got pics to compliment it with. so read on folks! =D

So I have just finished my 4th paper, now its two more to go. yay! Next exam will be on 17th April as shown below, ergo I got ample time to laze around tonight. Tomorrow stat study!huh!

Yeah, aku mmg sgt la pemalas dan tak creative. tgk board aku da tau kan?hoho saje amik gamba d whole board. tujuan nk tunjuk schedule exam je, tp nmpk tak medal powerman tuh?hoho!

One thing I love about exam season is that you got loads of time to yourself. No other programs to meddle with, no schedule to follow everyday. You only have to concentrate on your exam schedule. Fortunately, my exam schedule is not tight whereby we got gaps for each exams. Untuk org2 last minit study cam aku nih mmg blessing gle lah. Bley concentrate on one subjek after another. But the downside of exam is that, you will experience what we call 'serabutness'. The serabutness is a kind of like a habit you'll get this time around. your need for washing yourself will decline, shaving is unnecessary. sometimes u bathe only once a day before lunch.*some would just not bathe at all considering they don't have to go outside their bedroom*. But the most obvious will be your bedroom.

The pics I took at some random guy's room. Xbley blah selekeh gle mamat nih. Tapi aku dgr die nih cool gle.

Yeah...everything will get messy. you'll get so focused on your studies that you don't even care what your room looks like any more. Your bed will be a place to put all your self made notes, printout and sorts so that you can clear everything on your desk. You'll get sleep deprived anyway, so why bother to tidy it?

Ok what I wanna show next will totally illustrate what you're going through while you are studying. From the very beginning to the very end. and how it ends varies with many people. But I'll show you the worst that could happen.

So here you are..excited, pumped and ready to go into another world. meditate even. into a world of studying. You are focused and ready to absorb all the knowledge you want to prepare for exam. There you go, sit at your desk with your notes all over it.

Now this is how I look like when i got excited to study. learning is fun!

Then, as you go on you tend to forget about the whole world as you are totally consumed by the world of knowledge. Focus is the key they say. You try very hard to understand the logics and memories stuff.


You'll get into thinking games. sometimes you think so hard about what you're studying. But sometimes you just got lost in the way. Berangan lah kate org. Agak2 tanak bg kantoi roomate ko tgh berangan buat2 la mcm tgh pikir something cool n den buat suare mcm "aaaaah paham dah"

But after sometime...maybe about 1-2 hours of focus, it'll get pretty boring and loose your attention

Your eyes get a little droozy. bit by bit

Slowly your eyelids drag you bit by bit..heart pumping slow, your head whispers to you "sleep boy...sleep, we'll go to that nice meadow full of beautiful flowers and lie down there with a pretty angel"

Until you can't take it anymore and your eyes gave up.

There goes.....its a wonderful world in the dreamland

Ok now. What will you do at times like this? You have two options whether to let go and straight to lalaland or you can resist and fight the sleepiness. Of course you many of you will choose to fight on am I right? and what better way to stay up then to make a good ol' mug of hot and steamy nescafe'.haha let the caffeine run through your veins and you'll be up and ready again.

Its the usual neslo for me. 1 sachet of milo wif 1/2 sachet of nescafe wud do the trick

Well ok now you have a mug of nescafe, your up and awake. so now you would probably look like this

Its good. you are now pumped up again and ready to blaze ahead through the night. So now onto the next stage of studying. The next stage is well... is the state where most people go through, after enduring long hours of studying, plus the excruciatingly painful hours of memorizing and understanding...

Let the pictures do the talking

Trying very hard to understand at the same time the effects of caffeine starts to rub in

At some point, you feel too much of a headache and your brain is too saturated of studying that you cant take it anymore. otak dah tepu gile babi pnye ah. you'll feel nauseated and rase cam nk muntah pn ade.

This story is told by my friend azam. I never experience something like this before, but he told me that he was so sick of studying that he felt like puking

So there you go. I bet most of you look the same while studying right? haha..I know most of you guys are in their finals right now so good luck, and don't get stress out studying. Every people have their own techniques therefore do what you do best. Sleep is for losers!

p/s: this post was supposed to be posted exactly 24 hours before because of stupid writer's bloc I can only finish my writing today, so i actually have paper tomorrow. good luck to me!hoho


edoraemon said...

tergolek golek aku ngn housemate aku baca post ko nie!!
gud lark exam

kanip mito san said...

kata dah pegawai... Tapi muka macam belum lagi je... Hahahah

ammo said...

aneh: gelak bagus utk kesihatan

kanip: hahaha pegawai susu. camni lar..

fatehah noorani said...

1 sachet of milo wif 1/2 sachet of nescafe je? Nescafe yellow pulak tu? Lightweight..

Nes hijau je yang my body tak tolerate lagi..

Eyn said...

hey junior..gewd luck 4 exam..production kan..

ammo said...

fatehah: uit...its red nescafe ok?hoho and i just love that mix with milo bcis it give an extra mild cocoa taste. klu ltk full 1 sachet pekat sgt.huhu

k ina: uii!huhu...thanks..yup2 killer weh. tgk past yer hape tak ley buat wooo.add ur blog in my list aedy =)

Eyn said...

notice dat..gambatte! u'll survive!!
muahaha!! btw, dah abes exam neh..gumbira....

Anonymous said...

go join rafa+lucas if u like to make face like dat, loser

ammo said...

cibai ell!! ko tak yah nk troll tmpt aku natam.haha

ku muhyi said...

cehh....ntah apa2 la mamat ni

abu said...

gile ape?

Zuhairi said...

nice post pisang!
lawak dok!

si hitam maness said...
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olYSK~~ said...

hihi..leh jdi model iklan promote nescafe ni..hihi..=)

Anonymous said...

Muka macam syial....