Sunday, April 25, 2010

Of politics and Hulu Selangor

*This post is very long and boring. Stop reading if you are not interested in politics*

Hmmm....Hulu Selangor. What's with Hulu Selangor eh? Is there something special happening there?

I'm glad you asked. In fact something really important is happening there for the past week and the events thats happening for the past week will all comes down to this very day. It is the day, where we uphold the spirit of democracy. It is the day where in the spirit of liberty, we proclaim our rights to choose our leader that shape our country.

For those who still don't know what is happening in Hulu Selangor right now, we are having a by-election to elect the new MP for the constituent after the death of its former MP, Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad of PKR Well, I did overdo the words and exaggerate a bit. It's just a by-election, nothing will change in the parliament accept one more seat will go to either BN or Pakatan Rakyat's camp (or independent). But the point is any by-election is just as important as the General Election. Why? Because, related to what I said above, democracy thrives from the actions of the nation's rakyat. Democracy, without full involvement and spirit of the rakyat, is like a tree without fruit. It doesnt mean anything if a nation screams of its freedom and democracy, but its people are not free and don't exercise their rights.

So its a head to head battle of BN and Pakatan with Kamalanathan VS Zaid Ibrahim. I wanna make it clear that I am not to write about the manifesto or to support any of the candidates, but I just wanna give a layman's opinion of the situation that we are in right now in conjunction to the Hulu Selangor by-election. Just another opinion of mine about modern day Malaysian politics.

1) First of all, I am sick and tired of Malaysian politics. Why? Because its rubbish and full of shit. It stinks and smell like rotten fish. It got so rotten that we need to overhaul the whole system to get it cleaned. The blame is not all to the system, but the blame is all on us. I think that, even after 53 years of merdeka, we are not politically matured enough. The way we define politics is just so wrong. Let me give you an example. If you ask any BN supporter why we have to vote for BN what do you think they will answer? I bet you they will answer like this,
"Come on la. BN da lame memerintah, tgk ape yg BN dah buat kat negara kita. diorang dah maju kan negara kita. ade KLCC, Putrajaya. BN lah yg memperjuangkan nasib rakyat kita terutamanya Melayu. diorang yg berjuang utk kemerdekaan. Tanpa BN, kite akan hancur. ko takkan tak bersyukur dgn ape yg diorang buat. sbg rakyat, kte kene sokong diorang. berterima kasih la tu pun susah sgt"
Did you not see whats wrong? I tell you, thats the most stereotyped answer I would come across. I mean do these people have the slightest idea what they are talking about? They single handedly destroyed the very foundation of democracy that is freedom of choice. What is democracy? It is the freedom to choose any representative I want. and why the hell I have to vote for someone, even if I don't like them and found out very nasty things about them just because their past achievements and success?
"diorang dah tolong ko la bodoh. tak nampak ke. ko skang nih tgh makan duit kerajaan, duduk atas tanah kerajaan, study dkt universiti dgn pertolongan kerajaan blablabla". 
Yeah, and I suppose to use that excuse to support that party. That is the lamest excuse I ever heard. What is the function of a government? It is to govern this country from a MANDATE that is given by the rakyat. We the rakyat who elect those people that walks at the corridors of power in the first place. we the rakyat who pays them their wage that feeds their family. They are the ones who are working for us! It is their responsibility to take care the welfare of the nation and its people, and it is my god given right to take what ever this nation offers! and then you tell me that i should be thankful? yes I'm thankful for what I've got and received. But, to use that excuse is just a shame to democracy. And theres a huge different between a government and a political party, you should know it yourself.

 If you ever watch the Americans/Britons during their General election over the CNN/BBC, they will never talk something like that. What they will say? they will talk about the economy, healthcare system, foreign relations, immigration policies etc. Their concern is of national interest. They vote not because of the party they pledge, but to the policies that the party represents.(again, I'm saying this in a layman's term from my point of view. from watching CNN/BBC)

2) What a shame to our politics when every now and then, the politicians will raise petty issues to bring shame to the opposite camp. I mean, even in the parliament, where they are suppose to discuss and debate on national agenda also is being used as a boxing ring match between two camps (BN vs Pakatan). Name calling, raising personal issues like; whether to wear a songkok or not; this minister call him a baboon, that minister apply the same concept of a leaking ceiling with women on pms, Babi Negara, etc. all this you can watch it on youtube. just search any parliament debate video and you'll know whats wrong. They are like school children fighting over each other, squabbling. Well in this case of Hulu selangor by-election, its is not surprising that the BN will start the game with calling Zaid Ibrahim an alcoholic cum gambler. Its easy to play with the maly mind and sentiment using these tactics.

I call this bullshit. Whats the point of this? Are'nt this is all personal matter to begin with? Ok2. You dont feel comfortable of Zaid dinking. I also feel disturbed by it as well. but do you not feel disturbed that a whole lot of our own ministers in the name of BN also drinks and gamble and swindle the rakyat's money? a whole lot of them are womanizers too. dont you feel disturbed by that? come on I dont need proof for this. It's widely known already and please dont think that their are the "holier than thou"  type just ask any person who have worked closely with the gomen than they will all say the same thing. so what does make these people in BN camp? arent they a bit hypocritical?

Dah la nk tuduh org, tp pakai gambar superimpose. bloodyhell

I wont be surprise by it actually. because it is known that up till the 80's, social drinking is such a commmon thing among the malays in the elite class. why? because we follow the footsteps of the british thats why. the British pass down this tradition to us and the elites been following this tradition. Not to mention any country's official ceremony, regimental army ceremonies all are with the presence of alcohol.

I mean political tactics have been regarded to be low as this to bring down their opponents. they dont care to bring up national issues, but all they do is to bring shame to their opponents and that is bollocks.

3) What is the benchmark of a candidate to win an election? The answer is how much money you can flush to give away to the rakyat. That simple. just read this article. It is not surprising that Najib will come down to Hulu selangor and tell people something like " Ok the deal is this, I give you RM2000 now and then after we win the election I'll give you RM10000 later. so vote for us!" does that look like bribery to you? It is something that you would not find hard to see in every election. that is the time when the roads at your neighborhood is refurnished, public places will upgrade, etc. but think sir, what have they been doing all this time? why only during the election they do all these things? yes. fishing for votes. that is all they care about. and then after the election, you can kiss that money good bye. People in the by-election constituents are really  lucky to get freebies aren't they?

To wrap this all up, I would say good luck for the BN and Pakatan, may whoever wins can bring something good in the parliament! We dont need puppets to just sit in the seat doing nothing but follow the parties policies. But we want someone who will bring change to the country. Kamalanathan seems like a nice chap i suppose. in the other hand, we have the progressive malay, Zaid Ibrahim. Who would you choose?


kay anis said...

gk tajuk pon dh tau dh bosan..


ammo said...

weekkk! anis ni kang.

bdk2 pi men jauh2!

edoraemon said...

tuh lah panjang gila pasal politik!!
saya sokong dari tawauuu! :D

Faidhi said...

Clear and steady analysis from the perspective of students as not many can scrutinize about political matters this deep. Well done bro…proud of you
But, there is something that I can’t agree said that our political system is rubbish…naah..... Our homeland only 53 years old...It’s not enough to build a mature, established citizen as USA or UK. For example..The politicians in the states need more than 150 years (which brought to the two party system) to establish a stable democratic system which celebrate his 234 years old this year. In United Kingdom...they took about 322 years since Glorious revolution 1688 (which brought to shifting in absolute monarchy system to constitutional monarchy) to maintain a steady political condition as we can observe in last election , conservative have won and maybe will replace Gordon brown labour party if liberal democrate agreed to merge without any chaos and trouble. The people lives as usual. Yup, the act of the Malaysian politician in parliament or state assembly is so much annoying but what to do. All this is a part of learning for all of us. I agree that the personal issue of the candidate and the usage of bad word in election time should be abolished immediately..but its take time as most of people keep thinking that this is not a taboo in politic…
If the government did well in past 50 years, why should we shift the command? That the question should we ask ourselves despite of the perception of people regarding bribery and so called scandal inside the administration…yeah..i can’t denied that there are certain power misuse among some politicians and I agree if all those people is replaced by the alternative one.. I doubt they can maintain good name along their service time as in politic, anything can happen. we can see the style of administration in Selangor and Penang that differ from the norm (DAP’s rule..what to doubt). Want to abolish DEB, special right to bumiputera, 10% quota for non bumi in uitm etc etc...they only focus on this matter without planning to attract FDI. If they can’t admin one state properly (many of manifesto promises are not fulfilled), how to admin a complex federal government?
This is my personal opinion…I have lot more in my head to jot down but have another work to do..
can comment on some matter for this be continue..hehe
btw,good job bro…

ammo said...

My rebuttals

[Our homeland only 53 years old]

ans: That's not the point.I'm merely stating the point that our politics is rubbish.Yeah we cant deny the fact that our country is young compared to UK/US.But isn't its the fact that our politics is indeed RUBBISH?Whats wrong in accepting the facts?To progress and further flourish as a country, we must 1st accept the flaws that we have in order to develop.look at UK/US history.They embark on series of "revolution".what we have done so far to change? for 50 years we have been playing safe and living peacefully without realizing the rot that eating us bit by ignore such thing is indeed 3rd class mentality.we have the rights to point the flaw on our gomen.because they work for us.even in the US/UK the people always been critical to the gomen.even tiny issues they always kte org melayu nih mcm biase lah budi bahase sopan santun,"takpelah, kerajaan dah jage kte mcm2.knape kte nk melawan arus ye dak?" its not about melawan arus.its about making things right!

[If the government did well in past 50 years, why should we shift the command?]

ans: well isn't enough for me.when the underlying truth is that we can progress much further than the state we are now!I will not settle for average. I will not tolerate realizing that gomen contracts are being given to cronies, petronas have to bail out bankrupt companies, political party uses gomen money for their own political gains,politicians using rakyat's money for personal gains, corruptions,bribery,abuse of power are consented in any way.yes we did well.but look at how singapore is progressing, korea.imagine how much development we can gain if we stop giving corrupt monkeys to govern us!please don't forget the fact that our development right now is from "debt money".we owe money in return of to the development we see right now.I dare not imagine what will happen how future generations can cope with the debt.We need shift of power to change! because the system and the administration is corrupt!

[certain power misuse among some politicians]

ans:certain powers?are you sure?the facts are ridiculously obvious.dont play dumb and stupid and tell me "eh yeke?" or "alah cket2 je tuh" that's blinding one eye and its called ignorance my friend.again,adab org melayu,"biarlah"

[Want to abolish DEB, special right to bumiputera]

ans: DEB is just a tool for BN cronies to get richer. the rich gets filthy,the poor got poorer. If I am to play the race card here,"tgk la bpe ramai tokey2 cina jd kaye under mahathir's rule?" while their frens and families got the big cash,kte org biase yg tade connection nih dok mcm tu je.ask urself,do we really benefit from DEB?sampai sekarang tak achieve objektif bro.and they have been ruling all these times.tell me why pls.if they are doing their job it should be done by now.

[10% quota for non bumi in uitm]

ans: eh,pak arab kaye, negro2, somalia boleh blaja kat uitm tp anak bangsa sendri tak bagi peluang?

[If they can’t admin one state properly]

ans: I just read in The Sun that Penang has achieve growth this year and expect to increase.The "open tender" system that they enforce proves to be beneficial to malays as the most tenders are won by malays.who says transparency is not the way?just because u read in the papers about the scandals and whatnot regarding the pakatan doesnt mean its entirely true.our media is biased.u should know that. example:projek babi negara
and they blame pakatan for that.bollocks!

all in all,i salute u for your knowledge in these things.even I don't go into much further in certain areas.I am just sick of the current gomen.we are lagging behind in terms of education, economy and judicial system.we are so fortunate to have so many distinguished professionals in all areas(engineering,economics etc)to support the country,but our politics is the problem

god bless malaysia!