Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A matter of principles

Something that my friend said just now struck me.

"Ko memamg dari dulu camni. Asik berubah2 je thinking ko nih. Tak ade prinsip yang tetap. A good leader must have strong principles. Contoh kalau aku jd follower ko, aku akan tetap ikut ko even kalau ko salah."
Perbualan ini berlaku selepas aku decide nk duduk K11 instead of KTGB. A matter of deciding which college to stay next semester.

This got me in deep thinking. Do I not have strong principles, stand strong on my belief?  I have always thought that I have the made certain principles in my life, and I never turn my back on them.

I guess after what my friend said, I realise that I tend to bend the rules, a bit TOO much. I always had a layback thinking. Flexible is what I call it. But this leads to low class mentality. Yes and I just realise that. I mean, Its good to be flexible. At least, every decision I made, will have last minute call. I dont have to make that decision on the spot. Because I tend to change my mind for the last minute as I always consider the boon and bane of everything.

But back to what he said,  yes I do consider that I'm not a man with principles myself. Macam lalang org kate. Kejap ko pikir camni, last2 ko pikir lain plak. Sigh. I've got to change. I have a whole world coming to me just yet. A long journey to go through. Decision making is the most important thing in my life after this as an engineer and a future Board of Directors of some company. Hancur company aku kalau aku tak berubah gini. I have to learn to stick with my guns and set rules in my life.

I am a future leader of this country. And I strive to do the best for myself, my family and to my country

"Oh Allah, make me a good leader, make me a leader who have strong belief and principles. Especially in terms of your religion. Guide me to become Soleh Muslim leader oh Allah."

p/s: The first step of change is that you recognize and accept your weakness. Then, its all action oriented. Have you had your muhasabah session with your self today? ;p


fatehah noorani said...

You can have a strong principle AND be flexible :) Just know the limit.

ammo said...

ya...that what ive been thinking. hehe...thanks =)

si hitam maness said...

bagus jugak ko ni ea..sdar kelemahan diri sndiri..lelaki salu ego,xmau ngaku kelemahan die...

Zuhairi said...